Minimising or preventing claims has a double benefit. One: preventing claims helps keep your premiums reasonable, and two: you don’t have to fill out any forms (what a bonus!). There are going to be times when claims can’t be prevented, but we want to give you some tips on doing what you can to give you peace of mind.

For your property (from your home to your business):

  1. During the rainy season, we assist on various types of claims from roof collapse, tiles being blown off your roof to poor drainage causing water damage inside your home. While we cannot predict a tree being struck by lightning and landing on your house, there are steps to take to aid in minimising claims. The first thing would be to regularly check your waterproofing to ensure there are no signs of aging and wear and tear, we recommend you get a professional in this field to look at this. Have your gutters/drains and weep holes cleaned before the start of the rainy season to prevent the unnecessary pooling of water. When there is a blockage in the gutter or a drain, the water will begin to pool and find the lowest point to flow at that is often into the home.
  2. For all electronic items, it is wise to have power surge protection on each item or on an entire system, whilst a direct lightning strike is unpreventable these surge protectors can prevent claims linked to surges caused by loadshedding and power cuts or faults.
  3. For geysers, if away, look to switch off the geyser for the time you are away, it is also wise to get your geyser checked if you notice an increase in your electricity consumption. There may be a fault with the geyser, or a component might be faulty that needs to be checked.
  4. For any plumbing from the toilets to taps in the basin/bath or shower check to make sure there is no dripping once the taps are switched off and when the toilets have been flushed.
  5. Should you notice a wet patch/brown mark on your ceiling or skirting, get someone in to look at it immediately and this could prevent further damage.
  6. Where a burst pipe or water leak has taken place switch off the water as soon as possible to prevent additional damage. Where possible get a company in to remove the water as a matter of urgency as this will prevent damage. This cost should be included in the cover on your policy should a claim be submitted.
  7. Where an alarm system is installed check to ensure the alarm is functioning correctly
  8. Where an electric fence surrounds the property ensure that the fence is always in working order. Here you may request a company to do a maintenance test on it to advise accordingly. It is also recommended that all shrubs, trees, and branches are trimmed and cut back to ensure they are not touching the fence at any time.
  9. Should you travel for extended periods, get a trusted person to check on your unit monthly to ensure no events have taken place in your absence.
  10. When leaving for a period switch off and unplug appliances for example your TV, Computers, kettles, and microwaves. Unplug all phone chargers.

For any vehicles:

  1. Ensure when leaving your vehicle that it has locked and is secured.
  2. Have regular services completed on your vehicle.
  3. Check the tires to ensure no bald spots or nails in the tyre this could prevent a flat or a breakdown. For your spare wheel check, it is in order and pumped to be ready to be used.
  4. Always keep a tyre inflater or sealer in your car to be prepared for a flat.
  5. If your insurance company includes towing, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the information for the policy to save yourself any headaches or expenses at a later stage.
  6. Take your keys out at the last shop you are at to prevent having to dig for your keys at your vehicle.
  7. When approaching your vehicle always be aware of your surroundings and if you see something suspicious walk away from your vehicle to the nearest point where there are other people to be able to make a call to a loved one or the necessary authorities where required.

Should you wish to know how to prevent or minimise claims regarding public liability or fidelity or any additional insurance you can think of please contact us and we will be able to give you some guidance.